A downloadable game for Windows


its cool in the future, your skin has been genetically modified to be blue, and you have a flying car. What more coulde you want until... Theres a threat up above but you need THREE KEYS so go find em by traveling around and completeing many different tasks

use mouse to do mousey things

use wasd to move

use space for many interactive elements


a day in the future.zip 40 MB


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its him, j. chris

the lord is back


Your a f*king genius. That was a blast from start to finish. A lot of times I find surreal-like presentations to be hard to digest or becomes to nonsensical, but you have such an awesome balance here with the art-style, the quirky interactions and events, while still keeping a strange logic behind it all, that you cant help but to love it.

It's really a "what's going to happen next?" that continuously motivating, and the world is so ripe with smaller details I feel like playing it again just to see if I can find more stuff. The only part that was a bit frustrating was the robot-platforming level, as it took away from an otherwise perfect game-flow if you failed to many times, but really, its just a small issue.

Will now have to play the rest of your games. I am officially a fan.