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I find this game very difficult but other than that everything else is incredibly fantastic I'd love to make a game like this someday



dude... this game was funny!!


As the world record speedrunner for this game, I cannot recommend this game enough. The story is incredibly powerful, the gameplay is invigorating, and the art style and music are just incredible. 15/2 greatest game I've ever played.


This game is genuinely fun


for what this game is, i'm genuinely impressed with the design of the boss patterns. you make great stuff, i can tell these must be very fun for you to make

The art is cool. I guess I would say that the dialogue was amusing. I liked the first cutscene. The music is really good. It's visually pleasant.

I liked exploring the world even though there wasn't much of it. I liked the animations on the world screen.

The boss fights were interesting and a lot of them were unique in some way.

I liked how the bee sits when it's on the ground.

I didn't like how you could get stuck on the walls. Thank goodness for the restart level button.

There's no saving. You must beat it in one sitting. Even though it's short, it still requires time and patience.

The difficulty is kinda high. Lots of tapping X. Wish there was a way to change controls or possibly use a controller.

Overall the game was alright and I enjoyed it but because the game was difficult for me to beat, there were times when I really thought about giving up and quitting the game. I have mixed feelings about the game. Wish it was easier.

stinkular game, but you need to add a save system.

The dark souls of flappy bird.

But seriously, this is a challenging game, the sbubumund boss is the hardest boss, took me several tries.

Fun, wacky game, beemis is best boi/gurl.

Yeah bro sbub is the worst. Can be a run ender really easily if you're speedrunning. Personally I think the Factory level is worse tho

The intro was beautiful. Some bugs where you can die and still go through the exit portal. I had a lot of fun playing it :))))

So this game was very derpy, it had ms paint style, (similar to cuphead) , and there were so many hilarious things.From the map, to characters, to SO MUCH STUFF that makes this game a treasure. I had a great time playing this, and I would appreciate ANY suggestions/critism.(part 1 of a 2 video series)


I really loved the game and the soundtrack, is there any way to buy a copy of the soundtrack? I want to listen to it more often.


There are some uploads of some songs from the Beemis Soundtrack on YouTube, not the full OST sadly :(


BEEtiful game!

I will never create anything this perfect

Really nice game i I enjoyed it!!

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it's not hard if you have a fast finger

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bro, what a nice  game


that was a stinkular game my dude.


I finished it, and I'm proud

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very cool and also very good



Saw this on vinestream. Wanted to plai it. Finished it. Review:

-Nice story

-Nice graphics

-Nice gameplay

-Nice theming

-Nice bosses

-Cool alien

-Nice sidecontent

-Nice Bosses

-Nice ending

I giv 30 ice cubes out of elevem


gg. It's like Cuphead but with bees.

downloads fine, but whenever I try to open the game my laptop tells me "

Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk," and when I click to run anyway, it opens up my pc and downloads folder and expects me to pick something not sure what it wants me to do. is there a program I need to download in order to play this game? I really do wanna play it ! :(


If Space Funeral was a Shoot Em Up.


We didn't complete the game, but it was a good time! I love the art style!~

you should complete :O

I wanna! I think we will as our weekly shorties. Two episodes a week until it’s done. I loved it. 😂

Finished the game, and holy balls it's hard. But I really enjoyed it! Well done!

Played on my show, Indie Game Roundup ( starts at 4:40 if embed isn't working). Very promising so far!

Wayyy too hard to casually enjoy, which is a shame because I love the style and polish...

This is a quite neat game (what I've played so far at least)
Very hard, especially when you don't remember that you can shoot!

Played through a few bosses of this on my channel, and really loved what I saw!


Omg, this game is so good and sooo hard at the same time. 

(space funeral + bee movie)

This is so good, great job! 

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Just beat the game, it can only be described as a masterpiece. It is hilarious the whole way through, every fight is fun, and it's a top notch display of MS Paint mastery.

Beat God on my first try, he wasn't a very difficult guy, I said to him... "later". Shoot I'm all of out rhymes. Anyway, I'm sure I'll play this many times.


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