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the game

become a real life bee and also fight god himself. take on many bosses and wacky levels as a young bee whos life has been drastically changed by a curse that was maniacally concocted by god.

                 here is what a bee really looks like:

                                                              meet cool,  funny characters like this guy


                and also this guy                  


i probably wont be making a game this big for a while, as it took me a while to make. expect smaller games for the next coupla times. catch ya on the flimp side homies

Published 5 days ago
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, Abstract, Boss battle, Bullet Hell, Casual, Comedy, GameMaker, weird


bee game.zip 75 MB


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Wayyy too hard to casually enjoy, which is a shame because I love the style and polish...

This is a quite neat game (what I've played so far at least)
Very hard, especially when you don't remember that you can shoot!

Played through a few bosses of this on my channel, and really loved what I saw!

Omg, this game is so good and sooo hard at the same time. 

(space funeral + bee movie)

This is so good, great job! 

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Just beat the game, it can only be described as a masterpiece. It is hilarious the whole way through, every fight is fun, and it's a top notch display of MS Paint mastery.

Beat God on my first try, he wasn't a very difficult guy, I said to him... "later". Shoot I'm all of out rhymes. Anyway, I'm sure I'll play this many times.